Java, has long been a popular tourist destination thanks to it’s natural beauty. This small island located off the coast of Indonesia boasts holy temples, large fields, tall mountains and acres of rain forest. And now, gold!


In late September of this year, during the digging of an aquifer project, a small box of treasure was unearthed. Workers discovered a small stone box – inside, they found twenty-two small gold plates. Each was engraved with names of wind gods on them. The plates were found to be 18k gold and have been dated somewhere around the 8th century. After exploring the site further, they also discovered a Buddhist temple resulting in the area being deemed a “Heritage Site”.


These gold plates are the third big find this year in the area. Earlier this year, a brick maker found a Mahakala statue. Mahakala is a wrathful Buddhist protector said to destroys mind chatter, bringing minds back into attentive focus. There are many different colors and forms of Mahakala, but he is recognized universally as one of the great protectors of the Dharma.


And after that, a five foot Stupa statue was found in Nepen. There are three representations of the Buddha– body, speech, and mind. Actual statues are representations of Buddha’s holy body. The scriptures represent Buddha’s holy speech. And Stupas are the representation of the Buddha’s holy mind. They are said to reveal the path to enlightenment.


Java is hoping these recent discoveries along with all the natural beauty it has to offer will increase tourism from all around the world.

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