86 Year Old Treasure Hunter Locates Find of a Lifetime


Bronington, Wales – 86 Year old Cliff Massey was out for what he thought was just a regular hunt on a friend’s property when the unbelievable happened. Massey, armed with his metal detector, discovered a cache of treasure over 500 years old!


The trove included 23 gold coins, 25 silver coins and a 15th century gold ring housing a blue sapphire!
Historians believe that these items were most likely buried sometime around 1465 for the means of protecting them and keeping them safe. But for one reason or another, they were never salvaged by their owner.

Each one of the coins could possibly be worth hundreds of dollars. Leaving Mr. Massey completely shocked by his discovery. He said: “It was amazing to find it all. I sat down and just laughed, I couldn’t believe it. People go out for years and years and never find anything and we have found all this”.

To give you an idea of how old these coins are, think back to when the likes of King Edward III, Richard II and Henry VI reigned!



You can view the original article here: http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/586193/Treasure-trove-metal-detector-silver-gold-farmer-s-field-Wales

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